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Man, im always one day late for #throwbackthursday

One of the biggest issues Im personally working on is my body image.
In summer last year I had one of my peak times regarding fitness and I loved it.
This Was also connected to being on a path to better health with a diet pretty much consisting of vegetables and a bit of meat and fish every now and then. My body and health thrived but it Was hard on my mind being an absolute food lover.
Right now I feel more like a grizzly bear going into winter hybernation… I tolerate a bit of carbs and sweet things again but it shows on my body and I find it much Harder to love it.

But: I prioritize healing my mind, enjoying not having to be so restrictive and my challenge for the months ahead is to keep learning to love my body no matter what: big or small, toned or not, sick or healthy.

And of course to find a good balance between food, sleep, training and meditation.

My path towards health has Been long, often very lonely and hard but totally worth it. And the best part is: it makes me better equipped to help others on their healing journey.

Feel free to share your health journey as a comment below!

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