Halasana – plugen

Halasana or plow pose!
This is one of my most loved asanas for a lot of reasons:
I remember the first time i assumed this position and it felt suffocating and intense on the neck but the longer I stayed the better it made me feel.
I found a certain peace in having to try to breath deeply and stay calm. Also my neck just released all tension bit by bit.
Oddly enough this Was amongst the first poses I Was taught; something I wouldnt recommend since you should properly Get to know your neck and create a sense of being able to safely move in and out of a pose.
Plow is also a great indicator on how my body is doing… if im very tense it just doesnt work and it is vital to NEVER press into a pose today if it doesnt feel accessable just because you could easily do it yesterday!
Life is in constant fluctuation and we should move with it not against it.

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