I am always working on myself.
I have to. I have a challenging personality, I am naturally lazy and I am very hard on myself and others; and a tat bit self centered but knowing those things is the first step in the right direction!

Lots of people think New years resolusjons are BS but personally I think they are a great opportunity to start on a New self development project.

2018 is going to about two things for me:
1. Finding a good life balance with less stressing, more efficiency and training the say-no-muscle

2. Increase the love for myself and others and Yes i put myself first here because how can i love others unconditionally if i cant hold that feeling for myself: no more negative self-talk, no more feeling worth less or worthless if my body doesnt look the way i would want it to. Everything starts with love. And everything starts with ourselves.
I would love it if you leave a comment below what you struggle with about yourself and want to work on.
People can change! We all have it in us! Life is evolvement so dont be scared to take a good look at yourself!

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